Google & Facebook reviews:

1.  Lauren is a fantastic PT, I really enjoyed the session, she has a great passion for exercise and her knowledge is excellent. She makes the session very diverse and fun. (Ricky)

2. Very professional, really helped me with my goals and made me feel extremely comfortable. Would highly recommend. (Ross)

3. Excellent training session with good professionals knowledge and experience, would thoroughly recommend her. (Brooke)

4. Would 100% recommend Pickett Fitness. I have been created a personal fitness programme to work around my work schedule and football schedule which will help improve on all the specific things I have asked for. My programme was written up so quickly and ready for me to use in no time. Also another amazing thing was if I had any questions or queries I felt super comfortable to get in contact and Lauren was very helpful and explained everything I needed to know. (Mollie)

5. I have been training with Lauren for eight months now and I am feeling so much fitter and healthier than I was prior to meeting her, the results have been amazing. Lauren has a tremendous amount of technical knowledge in all areas of fitness training and tailors her sessions according to what you want to achieve. She is positive and enthusiastic as well as motivating. Not only is Lauren a great personal trainer, her sessions are always fun and engaging too. I would highly recommend training with her. (Richard)

6. Lauren is a great trainer and athlete herself. She challenges me in many ways and makes me a better athlete knowing how to work my body in a variety of workout routines. (Maurizio)

7. I need a change after work so i start train with Lauren. Before i never went to gym but now i love it and found my passion. I train 5 times a week with her and i love it.
She pushed me and make me stronger i dont want stop train with her? She is so patient and friendly and helping so much. She is a great personal trainer. (Christelle)

8. I came to Lauren after my pregnancy. I was totally out of shape and had poor balance, weak glutes, hips and hamstrings, and cant even climb the stairs. As soon as I started training with Lauren, She figured out its my brain which is more weaker than my body, and her tips boosted my confidence in moving my body in a much better way. With in first few sessions , I started climbing stairs, get up from the floor effortlessly. She tailored every session with different type of exercises including my favourite ones with a challenge which brings so much fun. She made me do the stuff which I never thought I would do in my life time like lifting 20kg weights and doing jumping jacks ( with my lower back pain) with so much ease. She pushed me to do some thing new and big every time. I always finished my session with a wide and proud smile for doing things which I though impossible with my body.
Unfortunately due to personal responsibilities I could not be able to continue but, Thanks Lauren for everything, I thoroughly enjoyed these 4 months training and looking forward to train with you soon. Till then your Instagram posts will give me a boost to work out every day. (Sow)

9. I have used personal trainers before, but Lauren has both the passion and knowledge behind her, which sets her apart from the rest. She has provided me with a wealth of knowledge already and I am only at the beginning of my fitness journey after a long break. I am focused on strength training and getting stronger, and I feel as if i can get there with Lauren! (Chloe)

10. Excellent PT instructor I definitely feel the difference. (Debbie)

11. Lauren is an excellent trainer who I would recommend to anyone. Training with her over multiple months I’ve noticed vast improvements in my fitness and I always enjoy my sessions because she manages to make them fun, varied and engaging. (Sean)