Lauren Pickett:

I love what I do, this allows me to have the motivation and belief to strive to success. I am an all-round fitness professional, able to instruct a range of exercise classes. I have a passion for everything health and fitness. My footballing background consist of me playing at a high level for several years. I want to inspire people and get them into fitness so they are able to enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I thought about what I really wanted to do in the future and made a decision on a career I wished to succeed in. Personally I am sport driven, so I thought of all the pros and cons and knew what course would suit me. I completed my fitness instructor and personal trainer qualification. I always wanted to become a Personal Trainer. I felt that if I had a plan going forward whilst I was still young, I’d be driven to be successful. I have been focused on what I want to achieve and haven’t let any distractions get in my way. I am a certified personal trainer and also a fitness instructor. I have been in the fitness industry for a while and have learnt a lot.  Now I wish to share this with all my clients, and express my passion for health and fitness.

As a trainer I want what’s best for my clients, I will help each individual reach their goals. Whether that is weight loss or muscle gain my flexible service will help your individual needs. Specific training to each individual is key, no clients are the same therefore each exercise or program is tailed for the individual. The exercises will be safe, appropriate and effective to you. I believe training should be balanced, varied, specific, interesting and most of enjoyable!!

My main aim is to inspire all generations and get them into fitness and understand all the important factors in regards to health and helping you achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle. I also would like to share my knowledge with you and help you understand why we do specific exercises or training plans.

If you’re willing to challenge yourself and make a change for the better, you are taking a step in the right direction and I will help you get there.

Thank you for your support! Look forward to hearing from you soon!